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well i tried to let your girl friend and the other person in the community... but i think they have to click on the "join the community" text or the + thing... try both! cause it still hasn't sent me an e-mail that says they want to join... or that they are a part of the community.. but speaking of that i have somethings to change about this community. i'm just gonna make it an open one.

sorry i haven't been in here much... i'll make it a point to!

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Hey thought i would introduce my self. My name is stormie. 20 from orlando. Behind the cut is some pics of me and my girlfriend. This comm looks awesome we just need to get it going. Ill see what i can do !

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thank you's

First i have to start by saying thank you very much to:
Swade's Gallery of Gay and Lesbian Symbols web address: http://www.swade.net/gallery/
their web site provided the background and one of our icons. so thanks again.
feel free to post anything you'd like.. if there pictures please don't let them be BIG. thanks a last time.